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Our story

Welcome to Miniville, founded by two experienced, qualified and motivated teachers who want to offer more play opportunities to children living in the Geneva area. Drawing from years of global experience in primary and early years education, we know that play is crucial for young children’s development and believe that role play has numerous benefits. 


We’ve used our educational backgrounds to ensure that children’s enjoyment and development has been at the heart of every decision we’ve made. Each space and toy have been thoughtfully laid out to provide opportunities for physical, social and cognitive development as well as special bonding moments between parents and their children.


We hope to see you soon!

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Suzy is a native English speaker and qualified teacher who has lived and worked in Geneva for several years. Having primarily worked in early years, she has a background in bilingual environments and language acquisition. Additionally, she has a Masters in education focused on the experience of children attending international schools.

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Marion is a native French speaker and qualified teacher who worked as a bilingual teacher in several International Schools all over the world (United States, Australia, New Caledonia, Switzerland). Working with all year groups, Marion has a strong background in bilingualism across the primary age. She holds a Masters in education focusing on teaching, childhood and teacher training.

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