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Role play

Miniville has been carefully designed to inspire your little ones imaginations without overwhelming them, creating the perfect opportunities for early years development. 

The benefits of role play are recognised in early years settings for enhancing literacy, numeracy, creativity, and language development. 

What are the benefits of role play?

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Beyond these cognitive benefits, engaging in role play at Miniville also presents valuable opportunities for your child to refine gross and fine motor skills, improve balance, and enhance hand-eye coordination.

Enfant qui fait du dessin avec un adulte

We encourage parents and carers to actively participate in their child's play journey as they navigate the different areas of the village. By immersing yourselves in this world of play, you can help your child develop confidence in their own choices, learn new words, and discover new aspects of everyday life.

How can parents get involved?

Miniville also offers opportunities for children to meet other littles ones, both older and younger. Interacting with children of various ages enables them to learn from one another, and encourages new friendships and shared experiences. The social benefits of role play include; understanding consequences, practising turn-taking and sharing, developing compassion and helping others, fostering leadership skills, and supporting emotional growth.

Role play: More than just a fun time!

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