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Our structure

Miniville is a mobile role play structure that can be built in an hour. Our structure represents a village featuring twelve different play areas including; a supermarket, a salon, a launderette, a construction site, a police station, a fire station, a veterinary clinic, a classroom, a workshop, a medical centre, a post office and a cafe.

Additionally, we regularly update several extra areas surrounding the structure to keep the experience fresh and exciting.


Being mobile allows us to move locations easily and reach more families. We are able to put up our structure in a variety of locations and hope to extend these choices in the future. 

 This flexibility allows us to organise birthday parties and private events upon request, bringing a unique and entertaining touch to all of your children's special occasions.

The Supermarket

Pile your trolley with food from the shelves and enjoy scanning your items at the Miniville Supermarket.

The police station

Analyse the evidence at the Miniville Police station to help keep Miniville safe.

The Workshop

 Build something exciting with the hammers, saws and screwdrivers you'll find at the Miniville Workshop.

The Construction site

Help move the bricks or drive the diggers at our bustling Miniville Construction site.

The Launderette

Loading the washing machine, hanging up the clothes and doing a little ironing will keep you busy at Miniville Launderette.

The Hospital

Give your friend a check up at the Miniville Hospital.

The Fire Station 

Jump on the fire engine to help fight fires at Miniville Fire Station.

The Veterinary clinic

Take good care of the patients at Miniville Veterinary Clinic.

The cafe

Sip on a delicious cup of coffee whilst enjoying a freshly baked cake at the Miniville Cafe.

The Salon

 Paint your nails, try a new hairstyle or relax at the Miniville Salon.

The School

Draw a picture on the whiteboard and enjoy listening to a story at the Miniville School. 

The Post office 

Stamp and post your letters at Miniville Post Office.

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