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Your first visit

Miniville welcomes children aged 1 to 6, accompanied by a maximum of 2 adults. Our immersive play sessions last 1 hour 15 mins, during this time, children are welcome to explore the different areas of the village at their own pace.

To ensure a great experience for all, each play session accommodates a limited number of children, meaning that your little one will have the space to enjoy the village without feeling crowded.

Arriving for a play session

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Upon arrival, we kindly ask that you wait outside until we open our doors.

We will ask you to confirm the name you have booked under. 

Feel free to leave your buggies in our designated park, and for your peace of mind, we advise keeping valuables with you as you explore Miniville.

If you haven't booked in advance, a conveniently placed QR code outside the door links to our booking page. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee there will be spaces on the day, so we recommend you book in advance.

During a play session

Throughout the session, we ask parents and carers to supervise their children at all times to make sure everyone is safe and playing well. Our play sessions provide a great opportunity for your child to make friends and play with others as well as for you to meet other parents or carers.

We provide complimentary hot drinks for you to enjoy during your visit ! 

However, we ask that you consume theses away from the toys to reduce mess.

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Happy children, lasting memories

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Miniville is a perfect opportunity to get photos of your child with a big smile on their face! While we encourage you to capture these precious moments, we remind you that photos must only be taken of your own children and not include other Miniville visitors.

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